Rollout: Improving rollout of business strategy by Graham Little
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Rollout: Improving rollout of business strategy.

(Redesigning the organization foundation book)

Modern, state-of-art human resources theory has solved the hard problem for CEOs.

Every CEO in every company, large or small, faces two major problems: First, to select a strategy to sustain the business and provide adequate returns from the selected market niche. This is the easy problem for the CEO.

Almost certainly as part of strategy selection the CEO and key executives will have clear vision of smooth operations delivering quality product, dynamically marketed and sold and supported by superb customer service.

The hard problem for the CEO is making it happen.

Rollout describes the state of art scientific and empirically proven theory of exactly how to achieve perfect rollout of strategy. Rollout is the foundation book in the available on Kindle.

Rollout summarizes the intellectual foundations of the 'redesigning the organization series' which describes in detail the implementation of this new theory of HR, organization, leadership and management.

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