The last leadership book you will ever need to read by Graham Little
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The last leadership book you will ever need to read: The guide to achieving results and satisfaction in a business.

(Redesigning the organization volume 1)

A workshop of senior business executive team leaders was asked what they really wanted from a book on management or leadership. They said they wanted guidelines on how to judge what to do to improve team performance. They wanted to make it easier for themselves, more enjoyable for team members, advice to be systematic, clear, simple, sound, and, above all, that after applying the advice the team got better results.

When asked about what is meant by sound advice one comment seemed to sum up all others, "Well, there is so much advice; every successful person seems to put out a book on ''how they did it and you can too'. It is all a bit the same and all a bit different. All a bit too much! What do I do?" Said the executive, "How do I judge what is needed, what systematic actions are needed, when and by whom? Give me that and I will buy the whole damn bookstore."

The key question faced in The last leadership book is, what exactly is the link between business strategy and goals and staff actions? Having answered this question, it then considers how that link is used so that team leaders consistently get better results than they would otherwise?

There is no need to buy the bookstore; just buy one copy, read it and apply it.

As said by one client: Apply the system and the money just turns up with people more satisfied in the success.

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