Why you should read redesigning the organization book series

The 'redesign of the organization' series of books is a comprehensive rethink of the ideas that underlie our organizations.

Major changes result from this rethink.

From these much better ideas we can improve all aspects of our organizations, leadership, management and toward a more successful and fairer society.

Read the introduction attached then buy the books reflect and create informed choices on how you can create more success for you and those around you.


The books in the series redesigning the organization are as follows, listed in the suggested order for reading.

1. Executive pocket guidebook: Summary of state of art ideas in making organizations more successful (Redesigning the organization volume 7). A short and easily read link between what has been traditional and typical of global HR thinking and the new, improved ideas in the OPD theory and the technology derived from it. Book 7 in the series, but the one best read first as the easiest introduction linking current global received wisdom on organizations to the new wisdom from the OPD theory.

2. Time budgeting: Getting the best result in the time available. (Redesigning the organization volume 2). Managing one's mind to enabling greatest chance of greatest success. Application of the ideas on improved performance at the lowest level, first on oneself.

3. Rollout: Improving rollout of business strategy (Redesigning the organization foundation book). The crucial intellectual foundation of the new way of leading in organizations. This is the most intellectually challenging book of the series but all other books are derived from the platform outlined in Rollout. Reading Rollout can be delayed to the last book if you are more comfortable.

4. The last leadership book you will ever need to read: The guide to achieving results and satisfaction in a business. (Redesigning the organization volume 1). An easily read overview from the point of view of senior executives in the organizations. The last leadership book presents an overview of the key ideas from the perspective of different executive functions, CEO, CFO, Vice President (VP) Human Resources, Operations and Sales.

5. Modern team leadership to achieve results and satisfaction in a team (Redesigning the organization volume 3). From the point of view of the first line team leader, what it means, what do they do, and how they need to implement the new ideas.

6. The role of human resources management in the modern organization: Making human resources the driver of success. (Redesigning the organization volume 4). Exactly as the title suggests, the OPD theory worked through in detail from the point of view of the Vice President Human Resources.

7. The mind of the CEO: Thinking habits of the successful CEO. (Redesigning the organization volume 5). A derailed discussion of what the new ideas mean of the CEO, the shift in CEO priorities and how they need to think in order to follow and fulfill the logic of the new theory of ensuring the business they lead has greatest chance of greatest success.

8. Building community wealth and health: Achieving a wealthier and fairer society. (Redesigning the organization volume 6). The economy consists of commercial organizations. The strength of the economy determines the wealth of the community. Therefore any theory that presents how to improve organizational success must deal also with the link between that success and community success. Building community wealth present unique and insightful linkages between business success and a fair and balanced distribution of that wealth to ensure all in the community enjoy the benefit of their efforts.

Purchasing the eBooks

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