Modern team leadership to achieve results and satisfaction in a team by Graham Little
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Modern team leadership to achieve results and satisfaction in a team.

(Redesigning the organization volume 3)

What exactly does a team leader do to achieve greatest team performance? Modern team leadership removes excuses, defining in clear and precise scientific terms the processes that will improve team performance, take the guesswork out of leadership.

Applying the processes of Modern team leadership gets results: If results are not achieved, then it can be said that the aims of the team were not realistic in relation to the market or environment of the team. In short, the result was not within the power of the team to achieve, the responsibility for failure not falling on the team, but upon those who directed the aim of the team in the first place. No other system of leadership is able to make such a claim.

Implementation of the processes is measurable; the quality of the implementation is assessed within well defined measurable parameters. For the first time guesswork is removed from team leadership.

The processes of team leadership apply at all levels of the organization. So the lowest level team leader applies the same processes in the same way as the CEO applies to the senior team. The remainder of the CEO's job is very different, but the role of what to do to enable greatest team performance is the same at every level.

If you wish to develop your team leadership skills, understand how to achieve greatest results from your team, and to position yourself within the talent pool of your organization, then read and follow the advice in Modern team leadership.

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