The OPD Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) Solution

Why we do what we do: People 'see' any situation according to the mental 'transparency' (or 'frame') they use and will act according to the content of that transparency. OPD has manageable, clear psychological targets based on a detailed causal model of psychology .... more

To be better managers we need 'see' management more effectively: We need do first things first to ensure management models are based on effective social science .... more

SHRM as aligning minds: People 'see' any situation according to the transparency they use and will act according to the content of that transparency. In business this means that each person must be clear on what is expected of them (outputs or key performance indicators - KPIs) and the key actions that best enable the KPIs to be achieved. Clarity first .... more

Managing the complexity of mind: It is not sufficient for the person to know the written sets of outputs and actions; they need to be able to visualize what to do and to 'see' themselves doing it .... more

Organisational development is ensuring the best possible models on the transparencies in minds of all team leaders, supported by a full administrative system guiding implementation, all resulting in well defined transparencies in the mind of every staff member that orientates them to the task they are expected to perform and the results expected to accrue from their efforts .... more

Training is the process of developing and refining people's skills and abilities at delivery of the ideals to standard, also of bringing forward the learning in the team and the organization, so that ideals are sharpened and refined, more effective and people more successful .... more


The OPD SHRM system is a scientific model of how daily actions of staff are precisely aligned and integrated with business strategy. The OPD web based systems are a proven toolbox of business processes that enable team leaders to enact the model.

The model plus systems form The OPD Complete Manager® leadership solution that improves profits through a strategic partnership with your business or any specific business unit .... more

OPD SHRM system optimises human performance in relation to strategy.


What makes OPD different? How many global HR and leadership books do you know that relate what they do to issues and circumstances in social science? None is a typical answer. Now, management deals with people, and the science of people is social science…so why not, and more important if they do not make that effort, how good is the model or theory they are offering you? And are you prepared to wager a substantial loss of profits on it? There are other potential arguments, like 'but they do empirical research on what the best do and we follow that?' but what if they are still using models that are still not as good as they could be, you remain following mediocrity, and mediocrity is what you will get .... more

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