Globally the first model of the link between human behaviour and organisation strategy and outputs

Current global HR best practice is merely a collection of tools and processes with no rationale or orientating structure. As a result, the tools lack precision and impact and are resisted by line-managers because they are seen as an administrative burden demanded by head office that add little to team or staff performance. While everyone agrees people and what they do are important, managers just do not believe the current accepted HR processes assist them to achieve the best results and HR processes become a 'tick the box' exercise.

Einstein said that a scientific problem cannot be resolved from within the intellectual framework in which it arose. Globally there is no model or clear link between business strategy and staff behaviour: Such a model must necessarily forge clear action and processes for HR whereby staff performance is more effectively aligned with the outputs of the organisation. It follows that to build a definite link between strategy and staff behaviour requires thinking 'outside the square'.

The leadership model is the culmination of thirty years reflection and research by Dr Little on how staff behaviour is linked to business strategy, and is globally the only model that resolves fully the question of what is precisely needed to ensure the best possible performance of staff in relation to business strategy.


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