Management as part of social science

Management involves people it follows that management is part of social science and is not able to be considered without considering the issues of social science.

If we are to build effective long lasting and accurate social science models then first things need to be first. When considering management, placing first things first means we need consider the following types of social science issues before seeking a model of management and leadership.

  • What is the nature of a general theory of psychology and how does it bear on questions of organisation and management?

  • How do we understand cause in management, and how do these issue bear to a general theory of psychology and on management?

  • What is organisation, and what does it mean to say this is an 'organisation'?

  • In what way does an organisation exist?

  • If an organisation does exist what parts of it influence people and how is that influence achieved?

    Dr Little researched all necessary social science background and prepared full answers prior to creating The OPD Complete Manager, this background philosophy is located at and forms the fundamental foundation for The OPD Complete Manager leadership solution.

    It is the fundamental social science background research that assures OPD status as 'science', not merely another opinion.


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