Key OPD people

  • OPD International is a division of Self Help Guides Limited; a web based publishing company owned by Dr Graham Little and Mr Jason Weeks.
  • Self Help Guides Limited founded 1998.
  • Development of the OPD system begun in 2000 and took six years to develop.
  • Founder and chairman: Dr Graham Little PhD AFNZIM MInstD MHRINZ MNZIC
  • Thirty years experience in training, human development and strategic human resource management.
  • 30 books published on management and leadership.
  • 7 years with a column in Management Magazine.
  • 4 years with a management and leadership programme on 1ZB.
  • Member of the Institute of Directors, Member of the Human Resource Institute of New Zealand, Associate Fellow of the New Institute of Management, and Member of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry.
  • "OPD is the culmination of all my writing, reflection and experience in developing the best possible performance in business. If people are a factor in the profit and loss, OPD will show substantial payback and gains over anything else the business could do."
  • Technical Director: Jason Weeks
  • Over twenty five years in the IT industry, involved in aspects of hardware, software and web development.
  • Specialist in design and construction of database driven web applications.
  • "Strategic human resource management is a complex topic, but OPD has emerged as an intuitive, user friendly database driven web system that when combined with the in depth consulting support structure does deliver improved performance and payback in increased profits. We have done some state of art web construction to ensure OPD is easily the best and easiest to use strategic human resource management system available anywhere, with by far the best return for the small effort required on a weekly basis."


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