OPD International
Achieving the best possible alignment of
human behaviour with strategy and goals
Welcome to the OPD International web site describing the OPD-SHRM
solution to achieving the best possible human performance in a team.
  • The problem of securing best human performance in a team relative to team goals remains the key issue of all management research and theory.
  • There is much anecdote, but until now there has been no definitive thoroughly scientific model that provides clear and certain guidelines to managers on how to ensure best human performance.
  • At OPD we have answered the question: What exactly is the link between staff behaviour, strategy and goals?
  • Using the OPD-SHRM model managers achieve the best possible alignment of the behaviour in their team with expected outputs and with strategy.
  • Why? Because the model is thorough, accurate, and is the only way staff behaviour can be linked to strategy. With the insight the model provides, managers are clearer on how to improve the alignment and being clearer, they act more effectively as leaders.
  • By acting more effectively as leaders, then managers get better results, and build a team climate that is more rewarding and satisfying for team members.
  • Isn't this just training? No. more
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