OPD-HCD™ Science derived technology linking people to the organization so people as employees and community citizens, the governance of the organization, clients, and investors all benefit

OPD-HCD™ guides each person in the organization to adopt a single idea namely ... to build a model of the organization on paper called the behavioral structure of the strategy, then locate themselves within the model, and in a professional manner conduct themselves at work as guided by the model. The result is benefits as follows.

Better results: Improved human capital management that delivers consistently higher results than any other system.

More satisfied people: Engages people in what is a natural manner, using the correct science of people enabling them to build self-respect, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Builds pride in self: Each person is clear on what they need do in their organization roll and are expected to get on with it. The team leader is a confidante and advisor, they are not the 'class monitor'. They are critical when the person is failing to do as agreed to contribute to team success.

Builds integrity: Places the ideas we adopt and apply ahead of our sensitivities. Guides the application of our mind to build the success ahead of our sensitivities.

Builds teamwork: Emphasizes coordination between team members; between team members and team leader, and between team members and organization Executive.

Links daily effort to organization strategy: The most effective tool for roll-out of strategy such every person is clear on their contribution.

Encourages positive organization culture: Every person is clear on what they have to do to contribute to strategy. As in a top sports team all team members and leadership also know, what is expected of the person and when being achieved are direct in congratulations and positive expressions.

Begins with strategy: The governance is expected to be the 'thinkers' who decide the place of the organization output in the chosen market. Application of OPD-HCD™ begin with a short (500 word) summary of what is to be delivered, to whom, at what cost and what projected return. In addition to governance specify the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy, positioning the organization as a 'good' citizen in the minds of staff and hence adding to staff pride at being a valued employee of the organization.

Measures people on what they do: Specifies daily/weekly/monthly conduct of people, called ideal actions, which people agree to and accept. The agreed expectations are that if the ideal actions done to standard, the results will be achieved. People are expected to do the ideal actions they agree to, and if they do, they must be praised, regardless of the goal achievement. All goal achievement is an assumption by the leadership that the agreed ideal actions will deliver the result expected. If the person does ideal action as agreed and the results not achieved, the responsibility rests with the leader, not with the person.

Encourages people to adopt better ideas enabling them enjoy better life experience: Requires a deep mind-reset. All historic thinking on people is wrong, and deep misdirection. People in the whole organization, from chairperson to the floor sweeper, must decide it a shared life enterprise, and apply the correct science to manage their engagement with the enterprise for the enterprise to fully succeed and for them to gain greatest possible personal benefit. This re-set is frequently the most difficult and most demanding aspect of implementation and why it takes the time it does. Above all, every person, regardless of position, must respect all other members with whom they share the organization and commit to its success.

All sales, reviews and team facilitation electronic: The fundamental is people being quietly reflective and thinking through their choices. It is a quiet process where progress is measured in changes in how people think, discarding old deficit historic thinking and adopting and implementing new ideas that scientifically they judge to deliver a much better result for all involved. Better daily behaviors in relation to clearer and better-defined strategy delivers better results, which delivers deeper personal satisfaction and improved organization result in the community.

NB: OPD Facilitation Consultants MUST be certified, and our methodology applied to our exacting standards, building mutual trust, respect, and an attitude of professional self-responsibility. Only then do we guarantee results for the client. Crucial human values managed via our HRKPIs.

Introductory brochures:
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OPD-HCD Medium Business Development
OPD-HCD Corporate Development
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Becoming a Business Partner
Business Partner Agreement
OPD leadership workshops (refer Science based leadership page for more information)

To explore being a business partner, download the paper 'Becoming a Business Partner'.

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